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  • The return to Ibiza

    “Is Loco Dice any good?” Queried a girl to her boyfriend, sat next to me on the bus to Ibiza Town as we drove past a HYTE poster stating: ‘Loco Dice is back’.

    It was a question I had posed myself, before finding out during one of his terrace sessions for the new party on the island in Amnesia. During which a group had brought out a sheet marker penned with ‘NO LOCO NO PARTY’. Someone had a word and shortly after they were draping it on the balcony upstairs.

    Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 22.32.02

    In answer to the question, Loco Dice is not just good, he’s fucking fantastic. His mixing was leaving me a little dumbfounded and during the set, I couldn’t help but worm myself to the front to get a close-up of him in action. His set-up of a Xone 92 and two turntables used to interject a red illuminated vinyl with a white one, looping grinding tech beats, with the odd Italian vocal or breakbeat section. Although he abandoned mixing hip-hop over a decade ago to then draw crowds at Circoloco and Cocoon, his turntablist roots are still there to be heard, a pleasing accent to any fan of the genre.

    The Tunisian-born German is a bit of an enigma. Following the last tune he seals the deal with a quick clap, acknowledging the blatant appreciation, barely cracking a smile, before turning to the packed out booth behind him. This guy’s got attitude. In case you didn’t work that out through the gritty selections he throws down and him wearing his cap backwards.

    ♦️ ♦️ ♦️

    His loco (crazy) title was apparently given to him during his DC10 days, from summers spent as a raver on the terrace, and then resident from 2002-06. Going on to fuel Cocoon Monday's along with Marco Carola, the two forming a not-to-be-missed B2B partnership. After heading his own party Used + Abused for one summer, he took a break from the partying lifestyle in Ibiza, making just one appearance in 2014 at Space.


    HYTE originally booked the co-bossman of Desolat for the opening, instating him as a bi-weekly resident thereafter, along with Maceo Plex, Pan-Pot and Mar T. They didn’t make the numbers week in, week out due to fierce competition from Jamie Jones’ Paradise party, and the atmosphere inside never quite measured up to Cocoon or Music On nights in Amnesia. But those shortfalls are minor when you see dedicated followers of the brand who have entrusted HYTE in various other clubbing cities.


    Any doubt in HYTE’s party throwing capabilities was thrown out of the window when they hosted one of the biggest B2B sets of the season, being between Loco and Maceo Plex. During which Loco couldn't help but pump out sure favourite of his, Armand's Mission To Mars Mix of 'Insomnia'

    The closing party pulled in the biggest queue for Amnesia’s lista seen all season and the club was rammo inside. Thanks to competition at DC10 over by early September and a first-rate line-up. It goes without saying that Loco was the biggest draw for the night, and as long as they reinstate him next year HYTE shall up its worth on island. But who knows what will happen as he’s proved previously, LOCO throws his own DICE.

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