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  • Interview with Preston's exciting producer Taneli

    We've all been there; you're trying to get something done and you've got your iPod playing through its entity on shuffle. As a song full of cringe (that you secretly love) comes on, you do some soul searching asking yourself, 'what the heck was I thinking'. Other times, you're not even really listening and then you a song takes you somewhere, you hear this bit you really really enjoy and you're like, 'what sorcery is this?' You look at the screen and start to remember how it came to exist in your collection. This is something I remember happening a year or so ago with this track Taneli's 'Heat'.

    Taneli is the alias for the Preston-based producer & DJ Dan Goadsby. To describe his creative process, he’s frank: “Slow, usually.” A running theme with his productions is a nice layer of precise percussion, with flavours of house and garage. The swing on ‘Soul Sweet’ is contagious, whilst ‘Red Rhythm’ has tribal elements. ‘Heat’ from has a definite house vibe, the synths float in and out before a bass line welcomes itself onto the track. In 2013, ETML sang over the top of ‘Heat’ creating ‘Bind Me’, which found itself getting radio plays.

    The addition of ETML’s killer vocals makes for an addictive chorus, ‘Tying your knots inside me is the only thing I feel.’ On the project, Dan says it started from a random email one Sunday night. “He said that it was one of his first attempts at writing for that kind of track, I had no idea what to expect to be honest. But I clicked play and ended up pretty impressed.” The demo was left up on Soundcloud for a few days and did the rounds on blogs, after tweaking the tune to fit the a capella, interest had grown from labels to release it. ETML is now managed by 37 Adventures and Dan says it’s really rewarding to know he helped with getting him exposure. Subsequently interest for more production work with vocalists has grown, but that isn’t the road than Dan wishes to go down, “It’s not what I want to do right now - plus there're heaps of people who are better at it.”


    The same summer Dan ended up playing his first overseas show, “it was pretty special, never imagined I’d be doing that a year or so ago." He studied music production at uni, and although he had a love-hate relationship with it, he says, “It’s given me resources to learn a lot about different music and art.” His set-up, a microkorg and a Korg Volva drum machine, with Ableton Live as his main DAW, mixing down with Logic using the built in plugins. “I sample weird bits of vinyl for some sounds and do the odd field recording for ambience.” 

    "I have a huge soft spot for disco edits and heavily sampled stuff."

    Dan recently put his own spin on Chasing Grace’s single ‘Free’, along with Paul Woolford and I Am A Camera. Released with the single in November 2014, the vocals drift through and are met with a chunky bass line.  He cites inspiration coming from artists Midland, George Fitzgerald and Laszlo Dancehall. On the 27th of November, he played at Corsica studios with one-half of Laszlo Dancehall, Christian Piers  (AKA A1 Bassline).

    Growing a collection of vinyl for several years to play on his second-hand 1210’s, a lot of what he first bought was from a local market where he would find disco, soul and jazz records for cheap. However, he learned quickly of digging gone wrong, “There’s a load of terrible stuff amongst it all.” For favourite shops: he says A1 Records in New York was an incredible place to dig and describes Second Hand Records in Stuttgart as a mind blowing place, “The place was so well kept and around every corner there would be another room packed with records.”  

    Collecting vinyl has, of course, helped Dan hear all sorts of music and he says he’s learning to think outside the box, “Sometimes it’s good to just try and listen to something completely alien.”

    If he wasn’t making music, Dan would probably be dabbling in documentary photography, all photos on this page are from his travels. “I’m not the world’s greatest photographer but I have a go when I get a chance.”

    All photos courtesy of the musician.

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