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  • Is it a positive or restrictive move?

    In order to hang on to their talented female staff the US firms would provide up to $20,000 to cover the cost of egg freezing. This opportunity is already availiable for Facebook employees, whilst Apple's ladies can have it from early 2015. It's an attempt to comfort those who are career orientated as fertility tends to decrease after thirty. In the last decade both companies have taken over our lives and now they want the women who work for them to put their life on hold. 

    It is an option that allows women to focus on their careers but in an already male dominated industry, to me it sends out the message that women's children bearing ways makes them a lesser valued employee. In fear of losing their jobs women already put off having children. Why not guarantee they will have a job to come back to?

    ITV's Loose Women featured this story on their programme and Jamelia brought up an interesting point in that coming from technology companies could they not give work at home options instead for new mums. Continuing, she states some of her best work happened after the birth of her children as they became a new source of motivation and inspiration. 

    Egg preservation is still in its early days and the likelihood of eggs surviving the process isn't all that encouraging. Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director at one of the UK's leading egg freezing clinic, Midland Fertility said: 'You can't botox your ovaries'. 

    If a women takes advantage of this but then decide in the next year they in fact want kids right here, right now. Would they still get time off after the company has spent on freezing their eggs? 
    Apple refused to comment on the record.
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