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    Edwards is responsible for starting up SB.TV, a YouTube channel showcasing UK talent in music. As of 2015, the channel has tallied up 263 million views and collected half a million subscribers. The 24-year-old has been awarded in the Queen’s New Year list for his contributions to music. Uploading commenced in 2007. From the standard music videos, F64 series where artists freestyle, to acoustic sessions in A64 videos. Initially, videos were filmed on a handheld camcorder, on the back of a bus, in McDonald's or round the estate. Over the years, filming has evolved to liken professional quality.


    The channel is a stage for artists to gain a larger audience and share their newest music. Originally a place for grime music, which featured heavily from the start, the channel begun involving a mix of genres a few years ago. 

    Early on gems include the minute clip of Wiley promising a follow-up interview with SB.TV, and joining Tempa T in 2009 on his travels to Scotland for a gig. Clips include Tempz rapping on a train, in a cab, feeding some swans and skanking on a mountain top. They end up outside a clothes shop and as Jamal closes in on a kilt, Tempz clarifies their not here for those garms, saying na to, "wearing a dress and that."

    Artists that have been featured include Jake Bugg, Ed Sheeran, Banks and Maverick Sabre. Among artists featured on the SBTV Beats series are Mele, Preditah and Royal T, all putting together 40-minute mixes. While DJs Ben Pearce and Hannah Wants have been followed around to create documentary-style videos.

    The clips are accessible and made by someone who understands what young people would like to watch. Thanks to Google Adsense, Jamal was able to cash in on the ad revenue from his videos. The MBE is following being named one of Richard Branson’s ‘Young Pioneers’ in 2012 and becoming an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, a charity to help young people start businesses.

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