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    Q&A with Jack Swift who heads London events brand Juxx. More recently he's become a fixture at ABODE parties, and joins Hannah Wants on tour. 

    A recurring name on the London circuit, his 2-part History of House and Garage mix spans two decades. It’s packed with classic and timeless anthems, from Cloud 9's 'Do You Want Me Baby', 'Hold On' by Colours to Benga’s '26 Basslines'. If there’s one thing Jack knows, it’s club music. He throws down the tunes in a timely rapid fashion and with endurance, the mix totalling 10 hours.

    When did it all start?

    Started DJing in 2000 on my brothers Technics 1210's and some tragic Citronic mixer. Started producing in 2011, only really been taking the production more seriously in the last 18 months. 

    Best party you’ve played, what made it memorable? 

    Doing the opening Pool Party at Hideout Festival was pretty special. Four-hour set in the sun, it was rammed and going off all day. It was the first day too, so the ravers were super fresh.

    Juxx Events just celebrated its first birthday, what led you to co-found that?

    It was an idea I had toyed with for a few years. It’s nice to be able to build a brand from scratch. I feel like we’ve had a solid first year. Next up we’ve got Paleman, New York Transit Authority B2B Klose One and a special guest at Plan B in Brixton on Feb 27th.

    Dream booking?

    DJ EZ. Maybe not the coolest choice in some circles, but he has been a hero of mine since day one.

    What do you appreciate from a DJ, technically?

    Any DJ who is mixing with their ears, who is tight, and is showing off a lot of creativity. I learnt to DJ on vinyl back in 2000, DJing as a skill has changed a lot since then. I believe in mixing with your ears as opposed to using sync or mixing with your eyes looking at waveforms on a laptop. EZ and Andy C have always been two of my favourites.

    What have you been enjoying dropping lately?

    The obvious one would be Beezledub. Midland - Safi

    Asadinho - Crystal Clear / Dusky - Akebono / Mak and Pasteman - Tempest / Josh Butler & Bontan - We found a place.

    Fav piece of kit?

    DJ: Pioneer DJM 800/900. Studio: Maschine

    The last record you bought?

    Bicep and Midland - D Mil

    In relation to club’s closing down, have you noticed massive changes in London?

    As London becomes more gentrified the odds are there will be more and more clubs in London closing down. I hope I’m wrong.

    Track to rescue a dance floor?

    George Morel - Morels Groove. Depends on where I’m playing really, all Dusky tunes are winners.

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