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  • ‚ÄčChris Devour's striking photography work

    Chris Devour is a 22-year-old photographer hailing from Romania. His work ranges from intimate monochrome crisp shots to manipulation, incorporating graphic design and drawing.


    Project Navajo Boy sees Suciu Sebastian take on a poncho and hat to impersonate a Native American tribe member.

    How did you and Sebastian end up doing it? Were they all taken on the same day?

    The Navajo project was not planned. I was home for a few weeks, called up my friend to take some photos, and ended up making this really great project. We took the pictures in two different days because during the first day it started to rain. 

    What is it about black and white that attracts you as a photographer?

    I prefer black and white because, personally, I believe it that it helps the viewer focus on the subject easier, not distracted by colors. Also, I am dichromatic, so for me, some colors are perceived differently.

    Do you shoot on with film or digital? 

    Digital, I tried film before, and I loved it. Would love to try some film in the future.

    Do your ideas come along as you shoot?

    Yes, most of the ideas come along as we shoot. I usually have an idea of how and what to take pictures of, but 70% of what happens is on the spot.


    When did you start picking up a camera non-stop?

    I started taking photos 4-5 years ago. For about one year now, this passion has also helped me make a living.

    What have you learned in that year?

    I guess the most important thing I've learned is to keep photography as my passion first, that never makes it stressful and keeps it creative.

    The city you live in is very pretty, do you feel your environment has influenced you?

    I guess the urban parts are influencing me on the daily basis, but from time to time I go home to a more countryside place which helps because it's quieter.



    Where have you displayed work?

    Mostly on the web, but planning on having an exhibition in the future.

    What is your background in art? Do you paint?

    I don't paint, although I'd love to try it. My only background in art was that I always enjoyed collecting art related stuff, ever since I was very young. I study political science. Basically, everything I know about photography/design was achieved through lots of practice and patience.

    Ordo Prt 2, with drawings from Anne Ivan

    How important is it to collaborate as an artist?

    If I find someone that inspires me to collaborate with them, I always do, I guess it makes the final work even more creative. However, most of the time, I work by myself.

    What do you plan to play with next? 

    Basically, combine more of photography and design.


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