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  • A fine finish of Skream's first residency as a techno and house selector

    Skream’s 12-week stint as a resident at London's XOYO came to a lively end on Saturday, March 28th. Over the weeks, he's pulled in favours from some of the biggest names in dance music, from Artwork, DJ EZ, Derrick Carter, Robert Hood and Eats Everything. The final night of his residency saw queues before doors had opened, awaiting attendees were in for an all night long set from Skream, with the second room hosted by his brother Jungle DJ Hijak, with Klose One, Harriman, Mushy and Seamus on the bill. 


    Classic party starters are being dished out in room 2 as it packs out rather quickly, with Swamp 81 boss Loefah and Benton also hanging around the decks. Hijak appropriately drops 'It's A London Thing', much to any UKG lovers delight. Come 10 pm, Skream is a few tracks deep in room 1, warming up for the long night ahead, fag in hand. An integral part of the dubstep scene in Croydon, working at Big Apple Records as a teenager. Skream moved from playing dubstep in 2013, as he announced he'd be playing house, disco and techno at future shows, giving him roaming space to flit between genres. Following releases have been club orientated, like the Aaliyah sampled 'Kreepin', bringing in darker influences as he likes, such as hefty 'Bang That'. Still a monumental figurehead in clubland, his Skreamizm parties draw crowds from around the world.


    Skream played cuts with belting vocal lines, before injecting an upfront banging club beat. Skream was clearly there to see the night go off with a bang, mixing disco and soul records with loops of playful and skipping percussion. He worked the crowd like a maestro, one that was his for the taking. Evident through the reaction from clubbers as a bassline interrupts build-ups, Skream is firmly established in the dance realm, whatever he chooses to play. 

    The speakers are put to full use during Green Velvet & Patrick Topping's 'Voicemail', the monstrous “meet me at the club” line, sending vibrations through every raver jammed in the downstairs. Being the evening clocks go forward to BST, it's 4 am sooner than anyone's ready to stop. Skream powers through, making up for the hour lost, with 'Fearing Love', the debut release on Jamie Jones and Lee Foss's label Emerald City out April 6th.

    Around 5am, Sgt Pokes calls for the swarm to make some noise for Skream, his wishes of course granted. Skream decides to play a brass-heavy version of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’ as his initial closing track. 

    Skream thanks the club staff before announcing he can play another song, “talk about pressure,” he says scrolling through tracks, requesting for the lights to be turned off. XOYO do so, they wouldn’t dare cut his set off. When Boiler Room did he gave away a CDJ to the crowd in 2013. "Apparently I can carry on, it’s up to you,” his news unsurprisingly met with cheers.

    After playing out Basement Jaxx's 'What A Difference Your Love Makes', he ends with SOPHIE’s 2013 release ‘Nothing More to Say / Eeehhh’, the official finish time being 5:35. Now Skream’s completed his first residency as a house and techno DJ, he’s not taking too much time to reflect or put his feet up as he's back behind the decks next weekend. No rest for the wicked.

    [Photos: Luke Dyson]

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